Lana Garland

Perspective is the canvas on which storytellers convey their vision. For the past twenty years, Lana Garland has honed her craft as a Creative Director, Director, and Writer/Producer in television and film. Lana developed her skills as a filmmaker on two continents, North America and Europe. Her passion, as a storyteller, also extends to television. See More.

Gary Grieg

Gary Grieg’s distinctive voice as a storyteller combines dynamic images with enthralling performances. Gary was awarded a fellowship to art school at VCU, where he flourished. He was quickly recognized for his eloquent insightful renderings of the human condition. Gary began his career on lighting and camera crews, for independentfilm, TV movies, and major studio releases. See More.

Ka’ramuu Kush

Writer and director Ka’ramuu (pronounced kah-rah-moo) Kush tells intriguing and captivating stories based on classic precepts of character and conflict. His award-winning work as an actor and/or director has been featured internationally in film festivals including: Cannes, Sundance, Hamptons, Tribeca, LA Film Festival as well as being screened on the CBS, BET, HBO and CINEMAX. See More.

Fatima Washington

Fatima Washington is a multi-talented filmmaker, director and actor that has been working extensively in the film and advertising industries. Fatima Washington’s work is informed by the richness of her dynamic and culturally vibrant life growing up in Oakland, CA and allows us to connect an idea through compelling narratives.  Ms. Washington has the unique ability to reshape commonly told stories. See More.