S. Courtney Booker, III
Managing Partner

S. Courtney Booker, III was born with red clay between his toes in a rural town in Georgia. His childhood was bicoastal as well as rural and urban, Ft. Valley, GA; Los Angeles, CA; and Washington, D.C. The adaptive nature of his childhood honed his skills as a cultural aficionado.

Courtney brings a wealth of experience in understanding the alchemy of monetizing culture. He has produced several digital shorts and websites for various clients. Courtney has made significant contributions to Fortune 500 companies and smaller growth companies across a number of industry verticals. He has an undergraduate degree from Morehouse College as well as an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. 

Courtney resides in Harlem, New York.



Lloyd Levinson Jordan
Managing Partner

Lloyd, affectionately known as Moe, has cultivated a diversified set of talents and skills throughout his life. While growing up in Washington DC, he parlayed his reputation as a tenacious point guard in high school into a stint in college basketball at VCU and Catholic University where he earned a degree in finance. Having grown up in a family that encouraged creative freedom and was immersed in the arts, on the fly, he took an acting class at DC's Studio Theater; did some stage acting and subsequently auditioned for the New School for Social Research — Actor's Studio program where he received an MFA in theater. 

This path lead to additional study at NYU's Film School, The New School Film School, and Film & Video Arts Organization which peaked his interest in film and production. Moe has amassed years of independent film and media production experience. He has worked on a variety of high visibility events and programs, as well as television, film and advertising projects.  FILMS - She's Got A Plan, Maker of Saints, Velvet Rope. TV - Mark Twain Awards, Christmas In Washington, 4th of July on The Mall, HBO Valor Concert. 

Moe resides in Harlem, New York and Washington, DC.