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Night of Fire


Toussaint Louverture, the captured leader of the Haitian Revolution, serves out his final days in a French prison recalling his victories that lead to the formation of Haiti to an unlikely admirer, the son of his jailer.



A musical prodigy plots to escape the has-been music mogul that discovered her; while she seeks to reconcile with her estranged mother, realize her dream of fame and fortune while navigating the music business. 


Freaknik with Font.jpg

A 10 - year college student is given an ultimatum by the new college President that he must graduate from college this year. If he associates or attends the largest African American college party that he coined the name for, he will be expelled; of course, he tries to do both.

Pretty Boy Suicide


A teenage boy, Terrence Johnson, imprisoned for killing two white police officers struggles to improve his life only to succumb to mental illness that results in him killing himself as an adult during a botched robbery.




After winning a highly contested mayoral race, Terrance Freeman conspires to control the political structure of Washington, D.C. by undermining the established power elite while he develops a plan to steer D.C. to statehood.

Foggy Bottom


Seduced by power, money and fame, young political professionals in there 20s and 30s working in the US Government in Washington, DC begin their ruthless climb in politics in an attempt to take their careers to new heights.